Monday, April 5, 2010


"On the earth are signs for those of assured Faith, As also in your own selves: Will you not then see?" (Holy Quran 51:20-21)

For those who wish to see,
His Signs are all around,
In every speck of creation,
His grace flows unbound.

From the beauty of the moon,
Or the glitter of the stars,
To the blooming of buds,
Or the fragrance of flowers.

From smooth flowing rivers,
Or the vastness of seas,
To the colors of rainbow,
Or the shades of trees.

From the flights of birds,
Or an insect's crawl,
To the majesty of mountains,
Or a kingly water fall.

From the trials of an illness,
Or the gift of good health,
To the miracle of life,
Or the mystery of death.

Signs! We see them everywhere,
We see them all around,
Calling us to know Him,
Before the trumpet sounds.

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