Wednesday, August 24, 2011

chocolate flavoured lie!

A typical mom trying to make her son sleep, says pointing to the window: "Hush! Sleep! There is a monster lurking in the dark!" Well well... what she doesn't realize is that she has just spoken a lie for which she has to be answerable to Allah. A lie? Oh yes! That's true!

Because she knows as does everybody else, excluding the kid (and other kids who have been told the same thing at night by their mommies), that there is absolutely no monster outside. 

It so happened that the Prophet (pbuh) saw a woman calling her son saying that she had something for him in her hand, the prophet (pbuh) asked her what she had in her hand and if she was really going to give her son something, the lady answered that she had intended to give her son a date. The prophet (pbuh) replied "if you were not going to give him anything it would have been written as a lie".

Such a simple thing and that a lie!! We speak it all the time, don't we?

"Don't go out of the door, there is an ugly old man waiting to frisk children away!" (typical for keeping children indoors!)
"Listen to me and I will give you a chocolate!"
"Stop screaming do not be naughty and I will buy you a toy!"

And what happens later, we forget what we had said to our children, we don't do what we had said we would and that amounts to a lie. This is written down in our book of deeds, and we are held accountable for it. How many times do we stop and think before we commit something to a kid? Hmmm...rarely.

We are all supposed to be careful of what we are speaking and committing to our kids. We think they are innocent and can be fooled easily, we don't watch our tongues but Allah does.

Stay careful before you buy a 3 year old's confidence with a "come here, i have a chocolate", lie.

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