Friday, August 5, 2011

Honesty....Of Seven Yards

 Honesty is one of the things that are the most difficult to maintain in one's personality...on the other hand saying a lie, seems, just so plain simple. But it is this honesty which Allah commands us to adopt and maintain and He likes it the most when we do so.

Hazrath Salem bin Abdullah, was a very well known tabiy (the generation next to that of the sahaba). Once it so happened that he visited a shop to buy a certain cloth. The shopkeeper himself relates the story thus:

Salem came to my shop to buy cloth one day, he asked me, " Do you have the cloth known as that "of seven yards?"

I answered, " yes, I do have...please wait till i get it for you".

I brought the cloth and he asked me to measure it for him, which I did, and it was a little shorter than seven yards.

He asked me, " Did you not say this is 'of seven yards'''?

"Yes indeed". I said.

"But this is less than seven yards!" he exclaimed.

"Yes it is usually less than seven yards but known by this name" I replied.

And so he left my shop saying, "Its name itself is a lie!"

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Umme Kulsum said...

lying comes from the fear of humans, if one starts fearing Allah more than any human, then he will surely be truthful. Fearing Allah itself prevents from need to lie.